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This application has been tested on Chromev87 Firefoxv83 Safariv14 Edgev87
A screenshot of Syntool with anotations for each interactive element.
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The Timeline is used to show the layers of data related to the selected date.

To do this, you can move the sliders, setting the desired day.

You can also see the time variations by running the animation.

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On the Products panel you can choose the products to show as layers on the map.

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There are several ways to scale the desired region on the Map.

To move around the map you can just drag it by mouse.

To zoom:

  • Use the mouse wheel
  • Use the zoom button on the right side of the screen
  • Double-click on the map (this will zoom in the region, centered at the click point)
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The Toolbar provides additional features for interaction with the service.

  • Products: manage the visibility of layers and datasets.
  • Hotspots: manage bookmarked application states.
  • Share: allows you to get a short url for the current region.
  • Settings: choice of display theme, region, etc.
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The SMOS Pilot Misson Exploitation Platform tutorial is finished!

All the tools can be used in any order.

Now you can continue to explore by yourself!

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